As part of Big Data Week 2016 the Open Data Team at Landgate are beginning a series of workshops designed to educate, promote, and accelerate open government data sharing in Western Australia.

Help the WA community do more with the data government generates every day, and start the journey of sharing your data and knowledge with the WA community in a new way through

Big Data Week 2016

Big Data Week 2016 is a great opportunity to celebrate progress with Western Australia's Open Data Policy, and help more people share their open government data with the broader community.

Nearly 1,000 datasets from some 40 WA public sector agencies are now shared with the WA community through The Open Data Team have received requests from the community for much more – from land development applications, to shark attacks, and popular baby names.

That’s where you come in.

Preparing for the workshop

While parts of this workshop are broadly relevant to a general audience this workshop is primarily intended for public servants who are publishers of government data.


Before attending the workshop we suggest you familiarise yourself with Western Australia's Open Data Policy and its supporting material. Further information, and links to all of these documents are available at

What To Bring

We'll supply notepads, pens, good coffee, morning tea, and a friendly atmosphere.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

While we will work through the workshop live on the big screen for the benefit of all attendees this has been designed to be a hands-on workshop,so you'll get the most out of it if you bring your own device. Both tablets and laptops would be suitable.

WiFi will be available for attendees.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Data)

Got some data you would like to publish, but not sure about the best approach? We'll have some time to sit down and talk through it with you, so bring it along on the day.

Workshop Outline


5 minutes

Welcome to the workshop and introductions.

What is open data?

5 minutes

In this module we’ll explore:

  • What is open data?
  • What is data?
  • What makes data open?
  • Why do we need open data?

Choosing the right format for open data

15 minutes

In this module we'll explore:

  • Why formats matter to open data
  • Choosing the correct structure
  • Accessing different open data formats
  • Keeping it simple with CSV

How to clean your data

15 minutes

In this module we'll explore:

  • Common data errors
  • Useful data cleaning tools
  • Reasons for cleaning data

Publishing your data on

15 minutes

In this module we'll get our hands dirty and publish a new dataset to, including:

  • What you need to think about in preparing data
  • How to publish a dataset on

Questions and open discussion

10 minutes

We've kept some time free at the end to allow time for questions and open discussion around any topics the group might like to talk about in more detail.