Showcases are a great way to demonstrate how you're using open data and gives you a chance to show off your work. A showcase could be anything - an app, website, data visualisation, article, blog, or report.

Showcases collect together the best examples of datasets in use, to provide further insight, ideas, and inspiration. The broader community benefits as well - by collecting and showcasing your work we can encourage the release of more open data by government, and better demonstrate how it fosters social and economic value.

Send the work you’d like to showcase to - please include a description, an image, and a link.

More information about showcases can be found on our Open Data Toolkit.

Showcase and link to datasets in use. Datasets used in an app, website or visualization, or featured in an article, report or blog post can be showcased within the CKAN website. Showcases can include an image, description, tags and external link. Showcases may contain several datasets, helping users discover related datasets being used together. Showcases can be discovered by searching and filtered by tag.